Nicotine patches and gums are arguably not as good as e-cigs

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You love your electronic cigarette. It is part of your life, and no can take it away from you. What's even better is the knowledge that you have that using it is helping you to stop smoking forever. There are nagging doubts though, now and then. What about the other therapies that are available out there that are supposed to help you stop smoking? Are they as good in any way as electronic … [Read more...]

NATO takes bold move and steps in on e-cig argument

If you had to go through all the people and all the authorities that you know that are pro electronic cigarettes and trying their best to keep them alive as a technology, NATO probably wouldn't be top of that list. The international organisation has recently stepped in to purge New York City to drop it’s ridiculous ideas about banning electronic cigarettes in public places. This is one of the … [Read more...]

Another sound argument for e-cigs from the UK

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Even at our darkest hour, when we feel that electronic cigarettes are being given a rough deal, we always find something in the media that turns things around. What has been pleasing to find recently is the editorial piece that is written by someone who actually works for a newspaper. These pieces are super powerful, because they're written by trained journalists who know how to craft words … [Read more...]

An argument for common knowledge in e-cigs

We feel at the moment that the tide is turning somewhat in the fight against those who want to regulate or ban electronic cigarettes. The amount of knowledge is available online and through studies is growing day by day. People are beginning to realise the value behind electronic cigarettes. But that does not mean that we can't take an overview of the industry and just work out, once and for … [Read more...]

Pharmaceutical company and e-cigs (part one)

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Okay, we know that pharmaceutical companies can be a little bit shady at times. They have lobbied government authorities against electronic cigarettes on numerous occasions. They've even had some people write articles on their behalf so they can present as being individuals with a negative opinion towards electronic cigarettes. But as far as we know, there has been no attempt to directly influence … [Read more...]

Why e-cigs are more important than ever

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Sometimes it’s all about the compelling arguments. In the battle to bring electronic cigarettes to the attention of more people, and to convince the detractors that there is nothing more important in public health right now than attending to the tobacco agenda, bringing out the most compelling arguments is what makes sense. In this post we are going to look at some of the most powerful and … [Read more...]

Vapers now finding it even more difficult in New York

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Try as we might, we are still finding it hard to work out what is going on at the New York Post. The newspaper has recently developed an editorial line on electronic cigarettes that is erratic to say the least. Basically, we don't know what they are trying to achieve. One day they are blasting electronic cigarettes as evil devices, the next they are criticising the mayor’s policy on … [Read more...]

‘Put it in my mouth’ e-cig ad is now a famous one

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Right now, in the United Kingdom, a major storm is occurring over two advertisements by VIP. This company has created an advertisement for their electronic cigarette that created controversy when it was first developed, even before airing. However, the game changed once more on 5 December, when the company chose to air the ad during a very popular TV show. The ad … [Read more...]

Electronic cigarettes are non-addictive, and not gateways

Electronic Cigarette none addictive

Are you addicted to coffee? If you are we pity you. Coffee addiction is a horrible cancer on the world, and the first step down a slippery slope to more serious drugs like crack cocaine and crystal meth. We pity you and your family and we hope you recover as soon as possible. Of course, you'd never hear that being said to you just because you like a cup of Joe … [Read more...]

Vaping products present at CES show

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Consumer technology is a massive industry. From video game consoles to phones, there is billions of dollars at stake every year. The CES show is possibly the biggest consumer electronic show in the world. Every year, there's usually a console unveiling and possibly a smartphone ready to have an update. This time round though, it was the turn of the electronic … [Read more...]