Another sound argument for e-cigs from the UK

licolnshire united kingdomEven at our darkest hour, when we feel that electronic cigarettes are being given a rough deal, we always find something in the media that turns things around. What has been pleasing to find recently is the editorial piece that is written by someone who actually works for a newspaper.

These pieces are super powerful, because they’re written by trained journalists who know how to craft words properly. In addition, because of their position on the paper, they also have some influence over the readership.

This article in the Lincolnshire Target, a provincial newspaper in the UK, is a perfect example of this. It is in response to a previous article that was blaming electronic cigarettes for most things wrong with the world, and probably the imminent arrival of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. This article is clear, concise, and accurately puts forward sensible arguments for electronic cigarettes. It is a breath of fresh air, in other words.

Some good points come out in the article, although it does now and then have quite an angry tone, it does put forward some clear and articulate arguments. One of the best parts of the article, and one reason why it should be seen by more people, is the point about the children.

Much has been made recently about the possibility that the English government is considering classifying electronic cigarettes as medicinal devices. This may well happen, and it will not be the only country that it happens in either. The writer of this piece makes a very clear point about this though.

Prescribed electronic cigarettes could go to kids

Ken Hardy says that if electronic cigarettes are made medicinal, this means they can be prescribed by doctors. Recently, in Lancashire, a child of 12 was prescribed a nicotine patch. Apparently, that child was admitted to hospital for a nicotine overdose. We are not sure about the facts of that one, but the boy was prescribed a nicotine patch.

It’s interesting to think of a scenario where children could be described electronic cigarettes. This indeed would be wrong. We know that children are using electronic cigarettes now but it is actually more for the reason that they want to quit smoking cigarettes.

They don’t necessarily like the flavours as much as people might think they do. And they are most certainly not being tempted into electronic cigarette use through advertising and marketing.

Does it make sense to prescribe?

There would be a huge problem for everyone though if physicians started to think that it would make sense to prescribe electronic cigarettes to children. If this happens, we would find it incredibly weird to see. The thing is, it does sound quite likely.

If something is seen as a medicine, then the people who deliver medicines to us will make their decisions about it regardless. All it takes is one doctor, and the entire culture could change.

elegant man with electronic cigarette

Rightly, Mr Hardy lays into the councilwoman he is not very happy with about the fact that she says electronic cigarettes are as addictive as tobacco cigarettes. Mr Hardy quite rightly says a lot about this and his arguments about toxins and carcinogens, and addiction levels are very valid.

He also makes a very positive point, that there are no studies currently at the moment that show that nicotine is addictive at all. We’ve talked about that in these pages. There is a huge misunderstanding, namely that nicotine has an addictive quality all of its own. We talked about addictive personalities, and about how personal preference comes into it a lot. But at the moment, like Mr Hardy, we can’t see anything that points towards clear addiction.

And then there is a really interesting point towards the end of the article. Ken Hardy talks about the fact that this councilwoman stated that heavy users of electronic cigarettes could become addicted to nicotine. He makes a very valid point here. He states that people who use electronic cigarettes tend to be ex-smokers.

This means they have already been exposed to nicotine and already are addicted or show a preference. Therefore, according to Mr Hardy, they can’t really develop an addiction to nicotine just because they use electronic cigarettes.

Reactionary arguments against e-cigs still exist

All these arguments are sound. Mr Hardy is quite right in damning the words of this councilwoman. She sounds like the type of person who sees a headline or two about electronic cigarettes, compares what she sees with electronic cigarettes to the physical image of tobacco cigarettes, and puts two and two together to make five.

What is particularly interesting about the industry at the moment is that there are many people who are involved in efforts to be proactive towards electronic cigarettes who happen to come from quite intelligent and professional backgrounds. From research that aims to show that electronic cigarettes are not dangerous to newspaper article writers who are professionals and defending the industry, it’s all-intelligent and it’s all focused and positive.

This is just another example of a well-written article by somebody who has got the facts right about electronic cigarettes. Mr Hardy obviously knows what he’s talking about, and is using this knowledge to put forward a well balanced argument against some invective by a council woman. Since it iscouncils that are currently making laws around the world about electronic cigarettes, this is pleasing to see.

We look forward to the day when all of this will be history. People love their electronic cigarettes for a few reasons, one of the biggest is that it gets them off the stinking and foul things that are tobacco cigarettes.

It’s nice to see someone from a newspaper, whose words hold some weight in a local community, stepping up and defending electronic cigarettes. Yes, we don’t know why so many people are against electronic cigarettes, but we do know there are a lot of defenders too. The more this kind of stuff is written, the more people will switch from tobacco and is horrible toxins to a safer alternative.

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