An argument for common knowledge in e-cigs

We feel at the moment that the tide is turning somewhat in the fight against those who want to regulate or ban electronic cigarettes. The amount of knowledge is available online and through studies is growing day by day.

People are beginning to realise the value behind electronic cigarettes. But that does not mean that we can’t take an overview of the industry and just work out, once and for all, why these particular devices are so popular.

Even though the FDA is currently banning any company from mentioning the fact that smoking cessation is improved through the use of electronic cigarettes, you have to be an alien from another planet to think that this is not the case.

The vast majority of people who use electronic cigarettes at the moment obviously do so because they know that they will improve their chances of giving cigarettes the boot.

The middle ground on e-cigs

This kind of thinking is so powerful actually, that we are just waiting for the moment where the FDA strike that middle ground between telling people they can’t say that these things stop smoking and allowing for freedom to do so. It is arguable that 9/10 people that now use electronic cigarettes came to them through a wish to not smoke tobacco cigarettes.

Maybe it is the case that people stick with electronic cigarettes because of the nicotine that is found inside them. But people came to them, more often than not, because they wanted to quit smoking. And some people have even quit smoking and quit electronic cigarettes. All this points to the idea that electronic cigarettes are the perfect smoking cessation tool.

What is interesting too is that many people are trying them for that reason, and this means that they are ignoring all the scare stories that are on the Internet. No matter what the authorities and the antismoking groups try to do, for some reason people hear about electronic cigarettes as smoking cessation aids and go for the product because of this. This will not change any time soon.

The reason why so many people turn to electronic cigarettes is health. The moment you pick up an electronic cigarette and place a tobacco cigarette down is the moment when you are making a conscious health decision. Electronic cigarettes are cleaner than tobacco cigarettes first of all. Tobacco cigarettes contain a massive amount of toxin related substances.

These toxins work by getting into your bloodstream and adding to your chances of contracting cancer and other harmful diseases. None of these toxins are present in electronic cigarettes, so already they are healthier for you.

Positive aspects of nicotine in vaping

There is also a growing school of thought that looks at the positive aspects of nicotine too. We have covered nicotine and it’s benefits before in these pages. The fact that nicotine is currently being looked at as a possible link towards helping with Alzheimer’s symptoms shows how the medical community can point to the benefits of the drug.

Nicotine is also essentially harmless. Like caffeine, you cannot overdose on nicotine by willpower alone. The sheer unpleasantness of taking too much nicotine into your system will stop you from doing so. So it is therefore a relatively harmless drug, and now that it doesn’t have the toxins associated with tobacco smoke, it’s also a lot safer to take in.

Another reason why so many people are enjoying electronic cigarettes right now is the fact that there is a lot of flexibility as regards the habit. Some people are even allowed to use their electronic cigarettes at work. There’s no smoke and no smell, so this means that people can seamlessly fit them into their work lifestyle and still get their nicotine.

This has not always transpired as being an easy ride for some people. In bars and restaurants it is entirely up to the owner of the establishment as to whether or not they allow these devices to be used on site. Also, there are people on the other side of the coin who are freely letting their patrons use electronic cigarettes in their commercial establishments.

Positive net effect of e-cigs for vapers

What is interesting is that employees are also doing the same thing by taking their electronic cigarettes into work with them. Some employers have seen a positive net side to having employees not go out on five minute cigarette breaks, but instead stay inside and get back to work quicker due to the fact that they can use their electronic cigarette at their desk or in designated vaping zones.

Finally, there is the cost. You don’t even have to go into detail here to see just how cost-effective electronic cigarettes are when compared to tobacco cigarettes. There are cost savings on all levels too. For example, the less people use electronic cigarettes, the less the burden on hospital beds and healthcare in general. Also, at the basic level, people can spend much less on electronic cigarettes than they wouldn’t tobacco cigarettes.

This means that someone sees considerable savings every year on their household expenses. It is no longer the case that people spend thousands of dollars every year to buy cigarettes. Instead, find a simple kit and use to that start off with and then just refilling it means that you have much less of an expense. Find the right electronic cigarette device for you, and you’re set for more cost effective doses of nicotine than before.

It is nice now and then to go over the reasons why we love what we do. Electronic cigarettes are just beginning to grow, and they are growing in a massive way. These reasons here should prove to anyone, whether anti-electronic cigarettes or pro electronic cigarettes, that the industry is great for the right reasons. People are seeing huge value and benefit to the devices, and that should now become common knowledge.

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