What about Champix?


It is interesting to see just how much the Mayo Clinic is against electronic cigarettes. The well-known and universally trusted clinic has been involved in some very high profile cases recently, and is generally viewed as a voice of reason when it comes to high profile medical issues. However, when it talks about the e-cig and the impact of these devices, it seems to think it is … [Read more...]

Do You Have Bad ‘E-Cig’ Form? on Vaping Etiquette


There’s an interesting article on Philly.com, which looks at so-called ‘vaping etiquette’. The article really focuses on the problem of restaurants and bars, and other public places where the rest of the public might feel a little bit aggrieved that you are choosing to vape.This is actually becoming a rather serious issue, with some establishment owners struggling to know what to do about it. … [Read more...]

Senators Present Loaded Questions To E Cig Brands, More Evidence The Truth Is Beside The Point

A group of senators in the United States has been contacting electronic cigarette companies to try and get them to answer questions on topics such as marketing strategies. The questions invariably centre upon children and the widely held belief among many politicians that e-cig companies market to this vulnerable group. One senator, Dick Durbin (contact him here), has teamed up with a number of … [Read more...]

How do electronic cigarettes work?


For centuries, man has smoked or chewed tobacco. As one of the vices, it has been widely accepted by society and very much enjoyed by millions of people. And why not? The human race has a ton of worries to keep it awake at night, and a little vice here and there certainly helps to make things easier. Of course, recent evidence has suggested that the cigarette is not as harmless as people … [Read more...]

Are E-cigarettes A Good Quit Smoking Tool?


If you are a smoker who has tried to quit, you know that it's not a simple or straightforward challenge. You have no doubt tried to quit more than once, perhaps using different methods. There are a variety of approaches to quitting smoking.  Many focus on nicotine reduction as a way to manage cravings, while others use the stages of change model involving NRT therapy (nicotine patches, … [Read more...]

Can YOU Buy Electronic Cigarettes in your PJs?


Okay, you’re committed. :) You know you are going to get control of your smoking habit and you’ve taken the first real positive step by investigating the use of e cigs. Many people have now accepted the electronic cigarette and even the media as the one clear alternative to smoking that gives you anything like the satisfaction that real cigarettes used to. You’re hooked now. You feel better … [Read more...]

Smoking is Back thanks to E-Cigarettes!

smokeless electronic cigarettes

Every smoker knows the drill: You pull out a cigarette and anti-smokers start fake coughing....even when there is a football field between you and you haven't yet lit the cigarette! While the exact rules vary from state to state (sometimes even town to town), smokers are also painfully aware that they are no longer really welcome to smoke anywhere anymore. As though all that wasn't bad … [Read more...]

E-cigarettes and the Case of the Missing Research


There is no question that e-cigarette sales are taking off around the world. The New York Times recently reported that e-cigarettes sales have hit $500 million in the US and are expected to double this year alone. The market in Europe is even larger, with e-cigarette shops popping up all over the continent pushing the total global market to over $2 billion. That is still just a fraction of the … [Read more...]