FDA Regulations E-Cig Comments Deadline Looms

FDA Deeming Regulations, the Submission Deadline Is AUGUST 8th for Public Comments (YOU!) responding to the Agency’s Regulations Proposal

This will most likely be the last and only chance to submit YOUR comments, feedback and e-cigarette story expressing what you think to the FDA on the possibility of seeing our vaping community, marketplace and thriving culture come to an end as we know it. These E-Cig FDA Regulations have been in the pipeline for years, we have known it is coming – the deeming proposal stage we are in is just that, a proposal, but it is a pretty scary one (see: The End Of Vaping As We Know It?).

FDA Regulations E-Cigarettes Deeming Proposal Comments Deadline Looming

FDA Regulations E-Cigarettes Deeming Proposal Comments Deadline Looming

CALLING ALL VAPERS! URGENT ACTION ALERT. The FDA Regulations ‘E-Cigarette Proposal’ Public Commenting Period Ends In A Few Days (August 8)

August 8 will mark the last chance to file your official response, this really does matter and will help.

  • Have you kicked the analogue death sticks and joined the vape revolution?
  • Do you like having an ever expanding galaxy of American small businesses producing premium e-liquids?
  • Would you like to be stuck with the McDonald’s level liquids produced by big tobacco, the only players with enough money to jump through FDA hoops?
  • Presumably, if you’re still reading, you answered “yes”, “yes”, and “no”.

There’s still time, and it won’t take much of yours. If You Haven’t Sent In Yours Yet – Here’s What Is Needed of You!

The Rebel Alliance Forces Are Sending An SOS Beacon To You, Dear Vaper!  … Can You Hear Me E-Cig Vaper, You’re Our Only Hope! …

In a little under a week from now, the public commenting session for the FDA’s e-cig regulation plans will close. If you don’t want to see our burgeoning culture and most of what is exciting by way of products and liquids spanning the American vaping scene (and growing industry) strangled in it’s crib.

It is truly the voices of a rising ecig community that has (I and many others believe) has helped keep the ‘anti-ecig’ forces at relative bay for this long. Sharing your experiences while there is the right window of opportunity to have your voice heard is essential – there has never been a more important moment. The challenge is significant but there coordinated efforts ongoing – via CASAA and the leading people who make up the association I for one am very glad to have on the side of vaping, ecigs and rationality.

In order to do your bit still to help the lot of us sentenced to vaping whatever they choose to give us (in non refillable cig alike disposables), then you need to take 5 or 10 minutes and let the FDA know your story before August 8th.

The Chance For You To Voice Your Worries, Your Positive Experiences, You Own Unique Story

This is your chance to get it in the record, to tell them that grown ups enjoy a choice of flavors too. To tell them about how you sucked cancer sticks for decades, and how you’ve felt since kicking the nic in favor of vapor. Tell them about the harm that over regulation will do.

Personally, if someone had told me a year ago, i’d be a year clean, i’d have laughed in their face. For the first time ever, i didn’t get strep throat this winter, and i kept up with my kids, hiking up the side of a mountain, without hacking up a lung. Tell them about the chronic cough you used to wake up to every morning, that you haven’t seen in awhile.

Tell them your story, tell them how vaping has helped you to quit one of the single most addictive substances in our society. You could talk about the aftereffects, if they force the indie market out of business. Or just tell them about your favorite flavor. The important thing is to get your views on the record, while the commenting window is still open.

The effect has been snowballing as we come in towards the deadline, hundreds of thousands of Americans are coming together to tell the FDA where we stand on this issue. The CASAA (Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association) has put together a streamlined guide, to make it easy for you to comment.


It’s important to come at this directly, and in overwhelming numbers, make it clear that you’re a stakeholder in this, that your health and quality of life will be directly affected by the choices they make.

Word count on the form itself is limited to 5000 characters, but if you run over it is possible to attach your comment as a document, there’s no need to limit or constrain yourself. Make sure to proofread and spell-check, there are a number of great online resources for that, this is very much a best foot forward operation.

Be civil, polite even if possible, this is our best chance to have a real impact on the process as it’s still in it’s planning stages, we must get through to them that E-cigs have had measurable impact on our health and well-being, there are close to a hundred recent studies one could point to, from organizations and researchers all over the world, presenting evidence that E-cigs are less harmful than analogues, that they are useful tools in the fight to end smoking, and have real potential to upset the carefully tended poisoned apple carts of big tobacco.

Be sure to choose “individual consumer” on the form, contact information is optional, but you should be proud of this. You’ll also want to insure that the option about submitting for a third party stays unchecked. Then just hit submit, that’s really all there is to it, tell them your story and hit submit.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve given the tobacco companies more than enough money over the years, they’ve fed at the trough of cancer causing misery for quite long enough. The future belongs to vapers, and i hope you’ll help me make sure it stays that way by adding your story to these proceedings.




Yes Its The Big One!


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