Senator Jay Rockefeller hates e-cigs, loses touch with reality

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Sen. Jay Rockefeller, the blowhard, idiot and serial hater of electronic cigarettes, has done it again. He’s written for the Huffington post - which has increasingly become some kind of propaganda journal anyway against electronic cigarettes - and his article shows just how out of touch he is on the subject. He makes comments that present as blinkered and old-fashioned, and even shows he doesn’t … [Read more...]

GlaxoSmithKline launches predictable attack on ecigs.

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For years now, anyone remotely interested in electronic cigarettes has known that there have been dark forces at work behind the scenes. We are not just talking about the FDA here either. While they may indeed be annoying and incompetent at times in their approach to the industry, pretty much most of what they do is transparent. It’s slow, but it’s still transparent. It’s a shame that we cannot … [Read more...]

Bad Science Leaves a Black Mark on E-cigs, Again…

Doctors Mistake

Part of the problem of allowing people to have their say is that people will have their say. The FDA recently came up with their deeming regulations and then threw the document out there for everyone and anyone to comment on. Unfortunately, that has meant some rather irresponsible people are joining in. We love scientists, but sometimes they can be rather blinkered. A comment by a group of them … [Read more...]

How not to be a useless, blithering vaping idiot

How not to be a useless, blithering vaping idiot

The way things are going for vapers right now, we could all use a helping hand. From not knowing how best to use your electronic cigarette in a public place and with proper decorum, to thinking about how best to get your point across on a forum online without looking like a troll, things can be tricky. We’ve taken a look at some of the concerns that electronic cigarette vapers may have … [Read more...]

Calling All Vapers! Time running out to be heard!

Time Running Out for vapers

Time Running Out To Comment on FDA E-Cig Regulation In the course of considering the regulation of electronic cigarettes, the FDA asked the public at large to comment on many things, especially personal experience with e-cigarettes and vaping. The purpose of this was to get perspective how people are using these products and the get a sense for the experience of e-cig consumers. As it’s … [Read more...]

The Debate at the Heart of E-Cig Regulation

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The FDA is currently asking for comment and opinion regarding electronic cigarettes and the regulation that is now very much underway. It’s a 75-day period, during which anyone can make comment about the topic and commit their ideas to the conversation. As you may well know, there is a general feeling that the FDA is working hard to reduce danger amongst children. It has made this very clear … [Read more...]

What Can Be Believed About Electronic Cigarettes

I've been paying attention to electronic cigarette news for a while now, and there has been a lot of information that I don't think is realistic. They have reports about how bad these are for people, but they don't back anything up with facts. What can you trust when it comes to e cig news? Here are a few things I've seen people against electronic cigarettes arguing about and how I feel about what … [Read more...]

Are Electronic Cigarettes Tobacco Products?

With the recent news that the FDA will be playing a part in regulating electronic cigarettes, there are people that are wondering whether or not they're similar to cigarettes at all. Of course, nicotine is found in both traditional and electronic cigarettes in most cases, but that's about all in terms of what make up these products. What Is In An Electronic Cigarette That Makes It A Tobacco … [Read more...]

Study says E-Cigs could help quitters more than gum or patches

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You love your electronic cigarette. It is part of your life, and no can take it away from you. What's even better is the knowledge that you have that using it is helping you to stop smoking forever. There are nagging doubts though, now and then. What about the other therapies that are available out there that are supposed to help you stop smoking? Are they as good in any way as electronic … [Read more...]

Another sound argument for e-cigs from the UK

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Even at our darkest hour, when we feel that electronic cigarettes are being given a rough deal, we always find something in the media that turns things around. What has been pleasing to find recently is the editorial piece that is written by someone who actually works for a newspaper. These pieces are super powerful, because they're written by trained journalists who know how to craft words … [Read more...]