Electronic cigarettes are non-addictive, and not gateways

Electronic Cigarette none addictive

Are you addicted to coffee? If you are we pity you. Coffee addiction is a horrible cancer on the world, and the first step down a slippery slope to more serious drugs like crack cocaine and crystal meth. We pity you and your family and we hope you recover as soon as possible. http://youtu.be/LNBGyf8FNEY Of course, you'd never hear that being said to you just because you like a cup of Joe … [Read more...]

Would You Like Rat Poison With Your Anti-Freeze? Absurd E Cig Liquid Scare Mongering At It’s Finest


Every now and then we get a little bit wearily pissed off by what appears in the media when it comes to e-cig liquid, vaping and the imminent thread this poses to society, despite how old it all feels by now. There have been plenty of electronic cigarette scare stories in the media over the last two years, and some of them have been quite laughable - at least if there weren't so much at stake, … [Read more...]

What about Champix?


It is interesting to see just how much the Mayo Clinic is against electronic cigarettes. The well-known and universally trusted clinic has been involved in some very high profile cases recently, and is generally viewed as a voice of reason when it comes to high profile medical issues. However, when it talks about the e-cig and the impact of these devices, it seems to think it is … [Read more...]

Do You Have Bad ‘E-Cig’ Form? on Vaping Etiquette


There’s an interesting article on Philly.com, which looks at so-called ‘vaping etiquette’. The article really focuses on the problem of restaurants and bars, and other public places where the rest of the public might feel a little bit aggrieved that you are choosing to vape.This is actually becoming a rather serious issue, with some establishment owners struggling to know what to do about it. … [Read more...]

The e-cig fire debate (part two)

In the first post on this topic, we looked at the responsibility aspect that manufacturer’s have to take into account when they complain that it is ‘user error’ that is causing fires with e-cigs across the world. Thee are many examples of these fires and other related incidents, and the bottom line is that user error is no longer a viable reason for the fires. Users are not accountable for the … [Read more...]

The Top Myths About E-Cigarettes

As science changes we learn more and more about health and healthy living. As a result, society has evolved into a mechanism that, depending on your perspective, has become extremely intrusive into the matter of individual choices. All it takes is for the media to jump on the bandwagon of some perceived study and people will begin to clamor for legislation to ban the offending substance. This is … [Read more...]

You Don’t Have To Be A Quitter

Big news: smoking is bad for you. Nicotine, however... well, the jury is hung on its positive side because it is so linked to smoking. High doses kill, that is well known by just about everyone. Beyond that, the dangers seem more to do with delivery and dosage than anything else. Which brings us to the idea that not smoking and quitting nicotine no longer have to be the same thing. … [Read more...]