FDA Regulations E-Cig Comments Deadline Looms

FDA Regulations E-Cigarettes Deeming Proposal Comments Deadline Looming

FDA Deeming Regulations, the Submission Deadline Is AUGUST 8th for Public Comments (YOU!) responding to the Agency's Regulations Proposal This will most likely be the last and only chance to submit YOUR comments, feedback and e-cigarette story expressing what you think to the FDA on the possibility of seeing our vaping community, marketplace and thriving culture come to an end as we know it. … [Read more...]

FDA Responses: Other Angles Hiding Teeth?

FDA ecig regulation responses - not so nice after all?

Last weeks deeming announcement from the FDA may well have seemed like the best thing that happened to the electronic cigarette industry for a very long time. And perhaps it was. Essentially, the FDA has agreed to introduce a raft of measures that will make it more difficult for children to access electronic cigarettes and will put in place measures that will make manufacturers more responsible … [Read more...]

FDA finally creates what looks like real e-cig regulation

FDA deeming regulation on e cigarettes announcement

So the FDA has finally relented to incredible pressure and announced the initial stages of electronic cigarette regulation. It’s been a long time coming, but the first blush of responses, especially from the electronic cigarette industry itself, seems positive. It’s generally good news. The first bit of good news that has come out of the announcement is the new and firm stance the FDA is … [Read more...]

Vapers now finding it even more difficult in New York

New york

Try as we might, we are still finding it hard to work out what is going on at the New York Post. The newspaper has recently developed an editorial line on electronic cigarettes that is erratic to say the least. Basically, we don't know what they are trying to achieve. One day they are blasting electronic cigarettes as evil devices, the next they are criticising the mayor’s policy on … [Read more...]

Why states want to tax e-cigs (it’s not a public health issue)

hot girl with ecig

The next time you use an electronic cigarette, just be thankful you're not paying tax on it, or at least as not much taxes you could be. There is growing concern at the moment that electronic cigarettes are going to be targeted for tax. Now, this is not such a bad thing. The party couldn't last forever, and having taxes levied on electronic cigarettes means that we are becoming more welcome at … [Read more...]

Taxing e-cigs, the depressing truth explained

office girl with Ecig

Some people talk about the threat of ‘normalisation’ of electronic cigarettes. At the same time, they seem to be doing a pretty good job of normalising our favourite devices. When an authority figure or a government figure talks about the normalisation of electronic cigarettes, they are referring to tobacco cigarettes fundamentally. Normalisation complainers generally talk about the fact that … [Read more...]

Electronic cigarettes form part of bribery at state level

oklahoma city

We are going to tell you a little fairy story today. We all love fairy stories because they have happy endings, most of the time. In this fairy story the nasty smokers of the world, who had been turned nasty by the big tobacco corporations, were finally allowed to put their tobacco sticks down and move on to something more positive. They saw the error of their ways and they were fine with that, … [Read more...]

Teens, Tobacco & ECigs – No need for Superman


Teenagers love to rebel, and this means that they will smoke cigarettes. Of course, not every teenager wants to smoke a cigarette, but many of them do and this has been the case for decades. In other words, this will not change. However, with the advent of the electronic cigarette many, many voices have been heard regarding the use of electronic cigarettes among the young. Back in the … [Read more...]

Chicago mayor forced to make a compromise on e-cigs

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Because of the fact that the FDA is not providing any guidance at all on electronic cigarettes, states and cities have to do their own work in providing legislation and the general direction on how electronic cigarette users fit into daily life. Mostly this has meant that various bans and regulations are in place to stop electronic cigarette users from practising their new hobby in … [Read more...]

Health Canada still quiet on e-cigs

Health Canada

Health Canada is the big health body in the country, and it has a clear remit to protect the health of Canadians. This remit has recently expanded to cover electronic cigarettes; the devices that Health Canada felt so strongly about they imposed a blanket ban on the sale and use of. This was pretty strong stuff, but unfortunately, it has resulted in nothing more than a frustrating lack of action. … [Read more...]