Scare story article about e-cigs

There is an article in the Tribune here, which goes through the motions of scaring lots of decent parents who are worried about their kids and addiction. Now, we know that addiction is no laughing matter, and especially so when children are involved. Children are impressionable and particularly vulnerable when it comes to addictive substances, and they always will be. It is in their nature to … [Read more...]

New way of looking at e-cigs


More great news for vapers in the UK. A new shop has opened in Caversham, in Kent, which is a region normally seen being quite upwardly mobile and conservative. However, the new venture is an attempt to develop an e-cig retailer. The number of electronic cigarette vendors in the United Kingdom grows week by week, and it is nice seeing so many entrepreneurs wanting to develop their business … [Read more...]

Senators Present Loaded Questions To E Cig Brands, More Evidence The Truth Is Beside The Point

A group of senators in the United States has been contacting electronic cigarette companies to try and get them to answer questions on topics such as marketing strategies. The questions invariably centre upon children and the widely held belief among many politicians that e-cig companies market to this vulnerable group. One senator, Dick Durbin (contact him here), has teamed up with a number of … [Read more...]

DOJ bring justice

The world of electronic cigarettes continues to surprise us on a daily basis. There are so many things happening right now, what with the FDA and their decision coming up, and other issues such as the way electronic cigarettes seem to blow up on their customers, that now and then we like to take the time to sit back and reflect upon what has happened in the last few weeks. It is a fast moving … [Read more...]