NJOY’s CIG-A-LIKE Commitment Bends To Vaping Market Trends In 180 About-Face

one-time pioneering early bird to the equip party, njoy moving to vape pens says something

Hello to fellow vapers everywhere! It's been a rocky litle bit, but things here at SMOKELESS are finally getting up off he ground and then some it seems after unrelated tribulations.... I DO assure you we'll be having many posts a week (aim is 3 a day soon) so I thank your patience, will be worth it. Now On With the Latest Article - A Bit of A Long One (and i will add some pizzazz - visually and … [Read more...]

Unfair media coverage directly affecting e-cigarette sales

Bandit in black mask with hatchet isolated on white

The hatchet job on e-cigs continues. Leading ecig manufacturer Lorilard has announced a 10.5% decline in sales this quarter. Investment strategy magazine The Motley Fool chalks this up to a combination of people switching to more personal vaporizers as well as the constant stream of unfounded negative press from the FDA and CDC. Making inflammatory remarks that run contrary to the … [Read more...]

Is Vaping in Public becoming socially acceptable?

ecigs turning from Unacceptable to acceptable concept

There are a number of reasons why e-cigs are currently the focus of so much attention. But whatever happens over the next few months, they are here to stay and they need ushering in properly, need to be regulated and accepted. This means thinking about society, and the biggest issue in society about e-cigs may well not be their health benefits, or lack of them, or their safety overall. Instead, … [Read more...]

The New York Times picks a fight with Vapers

Reading the newspaper

Just when you though Ecigs Couldn't get worse press… The really great news for vapers everywhere is that you are ingesting poison into your systems. Well, you are if you believe what this article says. We really don’t know where to begin. Okay, it’s fairly easy to pick holes in any argument but with this one we’re just staggered. The term ‘scaremongering’ doesn’t even come into it. This is just … [Read more...]

A small victory for ECigs in the Land of 10,000 Lakes

Ecigs in Minnesota

Down in Minnesota, there’s been some kind of victory, albeit small. Minnesota isn’t known for trailblazing in any respects, But the events of the past few days have shown that there can be some intelligent behavior resulting from lawmaking. The House Senate committee in Minnesota ruled against including electronic cigarettes in indoor air laws. If electronic cigarettes were to be included in these … [Read more...]

Prevalent and powerful e-cig myths debunked: part one

The Remedy For Intentional myths is the truth

Via the wonderful Grimm Green blog we’ve found a comprehensive list of all the myths involved in the electronic cigarette industry. If you were to read all of the myths and think about each one you would probably need to have around a week in which to do so. There’s plenty of stuff here to talk about and discuss, and plenty to get angry about too. Have a good read, because there is much to … [Read more...]

Vapers Shooting Self In Foot, While CASAA Asks For Time

CASAA Logo bw

The Consumer Advocates for Smoke free Alternatives Association (CASAA) is quite rightly angry with the FDA deeming regulations announced a couple of weeks ago. For everyone who vapes or who has any other interest in the industry, there are many reasons why the FDA announcement has tended to upset rather than elate. While it is pretty fair to say that ‘at least something is happening’, a couple … [Read more...]

Vapor From E Cigs Contain Carcinogens?

Carcinogens have been detected in the vapor of electronic cigarettes, or so they say. This is because the journal of Nicotine and Tobacco Research did a study that says they found traces of formaldehyde in the vapor they tested. They don't go into much more detail in the articles I've read, so I have a hard time believing this is the case with most electronic cigarette products. What worries me … [Read more...]

The End Of Vaping As We Know It?

FDA regulation and big tobacco squash ecig innovation?

In thriving industries and marketplaces, innovation is everything. Even more-soo when the industry in question is fundamentally disruptive; whether the internet, tablet computers or - Electronic Cigarettes. When it comes to E-Cigs, innovation can, and should happen. In a BIG way. The fact that the industry has innovation at its core is not in doubt - products have evolved at breakneck speed … [Read more...]

NATO takes bold move and steps in on e-cig argument

If you had to go through all the people and all the authorities that you know that are pro electronic cigarettes and trying their best to keep them alive as a technology, NATO probably wouldn't be top of that list. The international organisation has recently stepped in to purge New York City to drop it’s ridiculous ideas about banning electronic cigarettes in public places. This is one of the … [Read more...]