An argument for common knowledge in e-cigs

We feel at the moment that the tide is turning somewhat in the fight against those who want to regulate or ban electronic cigarettes. The amount of knowledge is available online and through studies is growing day by day. People are beginning to realise the value behind electronic cigarettes. But that does not mean that we can't take an overview of the industry and just work out, once and for … [Read more...]

Lazy journalism and e-cigs


We've just found an article that is essentially against electronic cigarettes, and almost makes no sense whatsoever; in other words just another typical day at the office! The lead-in is about some new literature review that says electronic cigarettes cannot help you quit cigarettes. We get that bit. But then it goes on to be just a list of vague ideas. We will deal with the first issue first … [Read more...]

Rochester goes too far on e-cigs?


Rochester goes too far on e-cigs?Enter Rochester. This sleepy little part of America is following the latest craze among city and town councils in the country, and it is passing ordinances. Some councils are currently ordinance happy when it comes to e-cigs, and Rochester is no exception. An ordinance is law in the town or city in question, so when Rochester started to batch together a number of … [Read more...]

E-Cig Regulation With Common Sense


Regulation for electronic cigarettes is not something that might just happen.It is guaranteed to happen in some form, and while this may seem a little bit annoying and perhaps a little infuriating for anyone who uses electronic cigarettes, there is light at the end of the tunnel. With recent news that the Australian government is seriously considering banning tobacco cigarettes out right, in … [Read more...]

Is this what the FDA is thinking?

FDA ecig regulation responses - not so nice after all?

If you are American and you use electronic cigarettes on a daily basis the coming weeks might well be a difficult time for you. The FDA is currently deciding on aspects of the regulation it wants to put in place over electronic cigarettes. The regulation ideas that they've had so far have been pretty much behind closed doors. This recent article seems to hint at what might be in store. The … [Read more...]

Connecticut, Kids and E-cig Indecision


Lawmakers in Connecticut are considering banning the use of electronic cigarettes in the same way they ban the use of tobacco cigarettes in public spaces. Tobacco cigarettes have long been banned in Connecticut if you are in a public space, but the legislators are now considering doing the same with electronic cigarettes, which they believe are worthy of the same treatment. One of the state … [Read more...]

An e-cig vending machine?


As stated many times by us, we see the e-cig business becoming huge simply due to the fact that innovation is still possible in many aspects of the industry. The devices themselves can be innovated and adapted, due to the fact that they are electronic and can therefore be modified beyond their original setup. In addition, with many aspects of the e-cig business model growing into maturity, … [Read more...]

Jenny McCarthy to give up e-cigs?


We know the electronic cigarette industry is, as of 2013, a billion+ dollar (and as long as the FDA doesn't screw things up for everyone, is set to continue the exponential growth) industry in the united states of America. However, that does not stop certain wacky and weird people from getting involved in the ecigarette industry and trying to change how it works.  Jenny McCarthy, and for a … [Read more...]

The e–cig fire debate (part one)

In recent times, a rather unfortunate phenomenon has become quite common. People throughout the world have been victims of rather nasty accidents involving e-cigs. These have ranged from e-cigs exploding with a lightning strike of fire that nearly killed a man in Florida, to a car nearly setting aflame due to the e-cig exploding while charging overnight. No one has died yet. But the problem is … [Read more...]

France Embracing The E-Cigarette

france - map

If there is one place that is perhaps best suited for taking up the electronic cigarette, it is France. Ever since the first cigarette was smoked, it seems like the French were made to smoke. Some of the most iconic cigarette brands in history have had a Gallic feel to them, including the world-famous Gitanes. In Paris in particular though, there has been a recent explosion in the number of … [Read more...]