Would You Like Rat Poison With Your Anti-Freeze? Absurd E Cig Liquid Scare Mongering At It’s Finest

Every now and then we get a little bit wearily pissed off by what appears in the media when it comes to e-cig liquid, vaping and the imminent thread this poses to society, despite how old it all feels by now.

There have been plenty of electronic cigarette scare stories in the media over the last two years, and some of them have been quite laughable – at least if there weren’t so much at stake, and a plentiful history of such ‘cookie cutter’ scare stories from spin doctors, it is almost more scary to watch such cliché methods succeed time and again in achieving their aims.

What I’ll call the E-Cig Liquid ‘Never Cry Wolf’ effect; the recipe is something like:

  • Select only the most scary sounding snippet, no matter how small and out of context (when in doubt pull something out of your ass)
  • Twist it around to get as base and visceral a reaction from people as possible
  • Pull on easy heart-strings / emotional reactions people all share: confusion, security, fear, doubt – stick to the basics, no matter how ridiculous what you say may sound (anti-freeze, terrorism, maybe avoid the WMD one for a bit)
  • Don’t re-invent the wheel!
  • Hey this is paint by numbers, don’t get too original – if ever in doubt just turn to fear and children.

OK so maybe you can tell I’m a little annoyed at this stuff – watching such a clearly intentional smear campaign play out so predictably over time from up close is depressing and infuriating. Especially when this e-cig liquid in question, together with these devices have the positive very real potential to save lives and improve the lives of untold numbers of smokers.

There is a hopeful side beyond the necessarily sardonic humor that I am starting to sense in this particular crusade however. I’m sure you know the moral in reference to ‘Never Cry Wolf’, and I am beginning to sense that the utter lack of any convincing evidence or case studies to come forth illustrating any reality or substance to what at the end of the day amounts to:

1) Money / Financial Interests, and

2) The Same Type of Baseless Gut Level Reaction to what E-Cig Liquid, Electronic Cigarettes and ‘Vaping’ Seem to represent (this is true especially regarding Anti Smoking Tobacco Groups).

Their fight is that if feels like a defeat – that some how out of nowhere after all their (very real) successes in educating the public and putting serious dents in the number of smokers, that E-Cigarette use “re-normalizes” smoking. I would hope that such venerable agencies and institutions however included in their ranks mature and intelligent members able to look past their own gut reactions, consider the real information and evidence and be able to do what is right for the people as a whole – the smokers who haven’t been able to stop, the millions who stand to gain so much by switching to smokeless vapor cigs. The notion that such groups evidently cannot move past their own EGO for the greater good is naive and shameful.

There Is a Tipping Point Where The Absurd Tactics Get Old and Turn On Themselves, Destroying Credibility In The Process… We May Be There Now

We like the antifreeze argument because it has been proven to be totally wrong, for example.

We think the scare stories lapped up about children and teens, while difficult to say we like – the study doing the rounds having already been revealed a complete farce verging on fraud, because we know that children simply aren’t interested in electronic cigarettes beyond a passing fad that they may not even bother to take up. But this article really surprised us, we’re going to put the link towards the end of our article because we don’t want to ruin the surprise. It seems like it was written by a bunch of 15 year old kids, and that is about charitable as we can be.

The piece kind of starts off in a very positive way by looking at some of the really beneficial aspects of electronic cigarettes. It actually seems at one point as if a real journalist has written the piece, because there are references to real people and real sources. But it all goes to hell when the article quotes something called The Tobacco Control Journal. We haven’t heard of this either, which should have set off warning signals as soon as we saw it. But the article lets loose a real humdinger of a mistake that could be truly dangerous if anyone impressionable was reading it.

We are going to quote directly from the article just so you know that we don’t make this kind of thing up.

We come today to inform you that no regulating body has determined such devices safe — an e-cigarette comes with a bottle of spiced chemicals that can include formaldehyde to rat poison to ingredients of antifreeze.

Yes, it seems deadly serious. Rat poison.

This may seem a little bit funny and even a little bit kooky right now, because we like the lighter side of life and to see a really badly written article does brighten our day for a few minutes. But think about the children.

rat poison ridiculousnessHuge impact – Imagine if a child read this and saw their parents using E Cig Liquid and Puffing on an ECigarette

Children use the Internet on a massive basis these days, and no matter how many times teachers and parents tell children to beware of articles online and their validity, they will still read something and believe it to be true. This is perhaps even truer with teenage children, who live for the Internet and see it as the font of all wisdom.

If one of these children witnessed their parent pulling on an electronic cigarette they make instantly feel scared and fearful for their parents lives. No one would willingly taking rat poison into their system, because it would kill. It kills rats, and they are more robust than humans in many ways.

In any case, is dangerous in other ways too. If any adults read this and actually believe it, there’s more fuel for the anti-electronic cigarette brigade. Hopefully, soon, common sense will prevail.

Until then, you get rubbish like this.

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