E-Cig Regulation With Common Sense

Regulation for electronic cigarettes is not something that might just happen.

It is guaranteed to happen in some form, and while this may seem a little bit annoying and perhaps a little infuriating for anyone who uses electronic cigarettes, there is light at the end of the tunnel. 

With recent news that the Australian government is seriously considering banning tobacco cigarettes out right, in favour of electronic cigarettes, there is hope to be found in recent thought about regulation. 

Generally speaking, if things go well for anyone who uses electronic cigarettes, they want to have the minimum amount of regulation. However, the reality may be a little bit different. This does not mean that it’s going to be negative though.

In fact, regulation may be a good thing in a way, if it is done properly. 

If regulation is done properly it will take into account the growing movement for electronic cigarettes. It will treat electronic cigarette users sensitively and positively. This means that regulation should allow for a very bespoke way of managing the use of electronic cigarettes. If done properly, it will treat electronic cigarette users as adults. 

Thinking about cosmetic industry regulation, this is a perfect example of how it could be done to fit the industry. Pushing for a medical solution, making electronic cigarettes seen in other words like medical devices, is not necessarily a good thing. Making cigarettes of the electronic variety medical devices means that it has to be an industry that fits in with another. As we have said before, the electronic cigarette industry needs it’s own regulatory outlook. If it is treated as a grown-up industry that requires it’s own set of regulations, it will grow into them very well.

Guaranteed quality

This means that regulation should play ball with common sense. First of all, there should be a minimum standard of quality applied across the board with electronic cigarette manufacturers. If they are manufacturers of any worth they should be able to fit into this very easily. A guaranteed level of quality in all electronic cigarettes that are passing regulations means that you have a benchmark for the industry.

Then, research and development should be encouraged within the regulatory framework. If research and development is allowed, and given pretty much free reign, this means that one day the devices will develop and become better and better. This cannot happen with tobacco cigarettes, because once they are made they are made, as the manufacturers envisioned them. Electronic cigarettes, on the other hand, can be developed further due to their technology.

If these two things are allowed to happen, you have safety and quality alongside innovation. This is what needs to happen for electronic cigarettes to fit into any regulatory framework. The hope is that this does happen, and with Australia’s recent news it seems that things are being pushed towards that position very quickly. In other words, regulation can be a good thing, as long as common sense prevails and the people that use the devices are listened to.

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