Why e-cigs are more important than ever

Sometimes it’s all about the compelling arguments. In the battle to bring electronic cigarettes to the attention of more people, and to convince the detractors that there is nothing more important in public health right now than attending to the tobacco agenda, bringing out the most compelling arguments is what makes sense. In this post we are going to look at some of the most powerful and compelling arguments for adopting electronic cigarettes.

The first and perhaps most compelling argument centers around the public health emergency that is the tobacco deaths issue. There is more of a problem now around tobacco-related deaths than there has ever been. Currently, two-thirds of smokers die early.

dead lungs due to cigarette smoking

That’s two in three smokers, effectively dying a preventable death. Their death means that they will have lost, on average, more than ten years of their life directly to smoking.

If smokers are saved, and stop by the time they are 40, they can save nine years of their life. If they stop by 30, they can gain an additional 10 years of life.

Urgent thinking on e-cigs

shutterstock_108149663This kind of thinking, that all of this needless death can be prevented with good levels of tobacco harm reduction and smoking cessation, is urgent, vital thinking. It should be part of every government’s public health agenda.

Another argument focuses on the idea of ‘safer’. Electronic cigarettes are much safer than tobacco cigarettes. This is something that the authorities are not quite grasping.

Some figures in authority feel that e-cigs should be completely safe, which misses the point somewhat. For all those smokers dying early deaths, using something that is safer by many degrees makes much more sense than using something that just pushes you relentlessly towards an early grave.

 E-cigs are safe for use, we know this

What is frustrating for many people in the electronic cigarette industry is the idea that countless clinical trials and tests need to take place before the devices can be called safe for use.

It is fairly obvious that e-cigs are safer than tobacco cigarettes. The layperson can see this and does not need a clinical trial to discover the effectiveness and safety of e-cigs.

Electronic cigarettes also seem to make ex-smokers happy. How many times have you met a smoker who went back to cigarettes after using patches for a few weeks? Now compare that with the number of people you are seeing around you who are still using e-cigs.

girl likes to vape

Electronic cigarettes work for people. They satisfy and make them happy. In other words they replace tobacco cigarettes at an effective level, rather than offering just a few hours or days of alternative nicotine delivery.

This one’s a keeper, and people who are against e-cigs need to realize that vapers actually like the nicotine delivery method, and they like the delivery method in comparison to tobacco cigarettes. This makes the e-cig a viable product, and therefore something that needs to stay.

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