Are Electronic Cigarettes Tobacco Products?

With the recent news that the FDA will be playing a part in regulating electronic cigarettes, there are people that are wondering whether or not they’re similar to cigarettes at all. Of course, nicotine is found in both traditional and electronic cigarettes in most cases, but that’s about all in terms of what make up these products.

What Is In An Electronic Cigarette That Makes It A Tobacco Product?

The short answer here is just nicotine. That’s the only reason people are against it being sold to minors. While that’s certainly understandable, this in no way makes it the same as a tobacco product. Let’s go over what a few of the ingredients are in a typical disposable electronic cigarette and what they are for.

  • Propylene Glycol – Of very low toxicity and used in a variety of products from food to mouthwash. Not a known carcinogen and recognized as generally safe.
  • Nicotine – The addictive alkaloid that can be found in the tobacco plant. A lot of people have an addiction to this, and it’s known for being very hard to get off of.
  • Flavorings – Generally these are just food grade add-ins to make the electronic cigarette take on a different flavor. Typically you find the same flavorings in candies or sodas.

As you can see, there really isn’t much to an electronic cigarette when it comes to the ingredients. This in no way, however, is similar to what you will find in a traditional cigarette. Since cigarette smoke contains around 4000 different chemicals, it’s hard to list them all in one place. There are over 40 known carcinogens in cigarette smoke, and a lot of chemicals found in poisons and other things that are in no way good for the human body.

Then Why Are Electronic Cigarettes Starting To Be Treated Like Tobacco Products?

The simple answer to this is because people are afraid of them. They tend to think that they’re exactly the same as smoking a traditional cigarette. Also, it’s fairly easy for minors to get electronic cigarettes at this time and that’s one thing people want to change. Some people speculate that this is all being orchestrated to help tobacco companies quit losing customers. There is also the fact that when regulations go into place, you’ll have to pay quite a bit in taxes when you order electronic cigarette products and that will make them a lot less affordable.

Really, all that can be done about this is to wait a while and see what kind of laws go into place. Giving people an education on electronic cigarette smoking would be a great idea too so that others aren’t so afraid of what is in them. Now would be the best time to get into this kind of thing before the laws get too strict and make it impossible to vape at a good price. People surely will figure out ways to get around the laws so they can work with electronic cigarettes in peace, but until then now is as good a time as ever to enter the world of vaping and get away from traditional cigarettes!


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