Jenny McCarthy to give up e-cigs?

We know the electronic cigarette industry is, as of 2013, a billion+ dollar (and as long as the FDA doesn’t screw things up for everyone, is set to continue the exponential growth) industry in the united states of America.

However, that does not stop certain wacky and weird people from getting involved in the ecigarette industry and trying to change how it works. 

Jenny McCarthy, and for a change we are not going to call her wacky, was recently contacted by a company that seems to think it has the answer to anyone’s prayers if they are concerned about electronic cigarettes, especially when it comes to the alleged impact upon the youth of America. This company has reportedly offered Jenny McCarthy a million dollars to endorse their product, and for a change it is not a brand of electronic cigarettes.

Jenny has endorsed Lorillard owned Blu Cigs for some time now, and she is famous for it. A well-known partygoer and Playboy model, Jenny is glamorous and sexy. She was the perfect female face for Blu cigarettes, while Stephen Dorff was the male version.

She appeared in an advertisement on television for the brand of electronic cigarettes, and was a glamorous and exciting face for the company. The new company has developed a product that has nothing to do with electronic cigarettes, or even nicotine. They are asking Jenny for an endorsement.


It Fires lasers at you


The company is called Freedom Laser Therapy. Their product, or perhaps we should call it a service, fires lasers at you to prevent you from becoming addicted to nicotine. Yes, we did write that last sentence and we are not proud of it. However, this whole thing is real. The president of the company is called Craig Nabat, and he wrote a personal letter to Jenny. We would like to say that we could explain this letter to you, but we thought we’d include it in the body of this article, just so you knew we were not making it up.

“My guess is that Big Tobacco offered you upwards of $1 million to pitch their popular brand of E-Cigarettes. Freedom Laser Therapy would consider matching your electronic cigarette spokesperson salary. We would be thrilled to work with you, if you ever have a change of heart about no longer pitching an addictive product like E-Cigs. We believe E-Cigs will lead teens to eventually experiment with traditional cigarettes, because of mass distribution and promotion of this nicotine delivery device. Ms. McCarthy as you know, teenagers are rebellious, fearless and they have their whole lives ahead of them; life is beyond exciting when children are young and they want to literally experiment with everything,”

Whatever Jenny does about this, and she is known for making quite rash decisions from time to time, we know that she is currently facing problems careerwise. She was a long time presenter on a major daytime TV show in America, but that is now up in smoke. So any chance to make any more money will obviously help. The company have been a little bit unfair as well, because they have preyed upon Jennys single mum status, trying to appeal to her nature as a mother. They have done this by mentioning children in their letter. We wish Jenny all the best, and we have to say that we do like it as a personality. But if she gets involved with this company, whatever credibility she had will be dissolved.

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