The New York Times picks a fight with Vapers

Just when you though Ecigs Couldn’t get worse press…

Reading the newspaperThe really great news for vapers everywhere is that you are ingesting poison into your systems. Well, you are if you believe what this article says. We really don’t know where to begin. Okay, it’s fairly easy to pick holes in any argument but with this one we’re just staggered. The term ‘scaremongering’ doesn’t even come into it. This is just terrifying stuff. If the child of a vaper read this article and then saw its mother use an electronic cigarette, that child would think the mother is using poison.

The article even tries to exploit an unfortunate suicide attempt. Someone committed suicide by injecting nicotine directly into their veins. This is a horrible and tragic event, but the article uses the fact that it was nicotine in a sensationalist manner.It is sickening to think that the nature of the suicide is of interest to this writer. In other words, by picking up the fact that this suicide victim chose to use nicotine they are sensationalising it, giving it shock value. Possibly a new low for this paper, we think.

Then we have the unfortunate incident of the two-year-old drinking liquid nicotine. Now, we are horrified by the fact that this poor girl had to be taken to hospital. Children should not be exposed to liquid nicotine or any other electronic cigarette paraphernalia. That’s a given.But parents are still doing it. An electronic cigarette is not a child’s plaything. So why do some idiotic people insist on leaving their electronic cigarette materials out in the open if they have children? The very fact that these people are stupid enough to expose their children to chemicals has nothing to do with the fact that electronic cigarettes were involved.

Oh and by the way, here’s a doctor talking about liquid nicotine and how dangerous it is:

“one teaspoon of a 1.8 percent nicotine solution could be lethal” to a 200-pound person”

Source: From New England Journal of Medicine via Healthday

Yes, we know, we’re all doomed. Just put those teaspoons away.

Okay, jocularity aside, you would need a ton of nicotine to even get a headache. Just don’t let kids access it. It’s stupid.

Yet the media choose to pick up the fact that it is liquid nicotine that the child ingested. You don’t have to be a genius to recognise that this focus on liquid nicotine by the media is just wrong. Probably every week in America, some child somewhere is drinking a chemical or ingesting a substance in their home that is poisonous. That is the unfortunate nature of young children and their behaviour. It’s also indicative of bad parenting.Bad parenting has nothing to do with electronics cigarettes. But this particular newspaper finds it convenient enough to use the word ‘poisoned’. Now this is what makes us really angry. Poor journalistic standards in e-cig coverage

The media are literally picking out holes anywhere they can with the electronic cigarette industry. We suspect – and we use the word ‘suspect’ so don’t jump on our backs about this – that the stories are simply cobbled together using incomplete and unrelated facts and shaky coincidental events. Some dangerous event happens involving liquid nicotine, so the writers choose to create a story and find anything else remotely connected to unfortunate events with electronic cigarettes in the background.

It sells newspapers and keep subscriber numbers for online sites rising, but also has little relation to the truth. With these unfortunate isolated incidents, it’s incredibly unjustified to label anything connected with electronic cigarettes as poisonous.

And the ‘surge in poisoning’, apparently a 3% increase, is another inflammatory statement. There are bound to be incidents with new technology, and these will eventually disappear as people become more sensible and more aware of what electronic cigarettes contain. And more importantly, when people know how to use them safely. Used sensibly and in moderation, nicotine can even be good for you. This article is just more evidence of people picking on the industry. For evidence of this, check out the language used by Lee Cantrell, director of the San Diego division of the California Poison Control System

“This is one of the most potent naturally occurring toxins we have,”

Source: New York Times

Let’s pretend that tobacco doesn’t exist for a few seconds there, okay Lee?

Too many vested interests against electronic cigarettes

The reason why there are so many attempts to pick on the industry is that there are too many vested interests. There are people out there now who are literally plotting the downfall of the electronic cigarette industry. With so much money paid, historically, by big tobacco companies in taxes, it is impossible to imagine a world where the media is not influenced by big business.

This extends into government too, with the FDA only really taking an interest in e-cigs when they became part of a big, million dollar industry that is sure to provide millions of tax dollars a year.

So is the game loaded against us? We certainly think that the hypocrisy and antagonism that the industry is facing has met its natural endgame with the recent FDA deeming. We think it is the beginning of the journey towards heavy taxation. And ridiculous, small-minded (and exploitative) articles like this one are signs that vapers are facing their toughest challenge yet.

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