Study says E-Cigs could help quitters more than gum or patches

You love your electronic cigarette. It is part of your life, and no can take it away from you. What’s even better is the knowledge that you have that using it is helping you to stop smoking forever. There are nagging doubts though, now and then. What about the other therapies that are available out there that are supposed to help you stop smoking?

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Are they as good in any way as electronic cigarettes are? We’ve gone back a little bit here to find an older study that looks carefully at how other nicotine therapies, particularly the patches that you are able to buy, just don’t have any kind of success on the level that electronic cigarettes do.

The study referenced in this article doesn’t look at electronic cigarettes. It does, however, look at the rate of success that people have with nicotine patches. Nicotine patches are freely available, and they don’t have any regulation issues hanging over their heads. For years they have been trumpeted as the major product that will help people quit smoking.

The advertising is prevalent all round the year, and consumers have these items firmly ensconced in their psyche. If you want to quit smoking, nicotine patches are probably the first thingyou think of. It is possible that every would-be quitter has tried them at least once.

Study finds they are not as effective as vaping could be

But just how effective are they? Well, this study had it’sresults published in 2012, and took surveys of people between the years 2001 to 2006. All the people involved in the study had recently quit smoking. The study was aimed to find out whether or not using nicotine patches and gums help in the long term quitting smoking.

One major concern with nicotine patches and gums is that they only help with the withdrawal symptoms that people have when trying to quit smoking. The actual desire to smoke lingers long after the withdrawal symptoms have gone. The study seems to have proved that.

Relapse possible, but not with vaping?

The main headline finding from the study is that smokers who are trying to quit with patches and gums are just as likely to relapse back into their smoking habit after around six months. This likelihood is similar to that of those people who go completely cold turkey. The study recognises that these therapies are good for helping people pass nicotine withdrawal, but cannot prevent relapses exclusively.

Some people, mainly researchers, have been concerned with the public misconception of the facts. The public seem to think that using nicotine patches and gums will help you quit forever. What the public don’t realise is that these therapies are designed to take away withdrawal symptoms, after quitting smoking.

Electronic cigarettes are seemingly more successful

ecig in the morningThis makes us think about electronic cigarettes and how successful they are. If you use electronic cigarettes you will know that it is very difficult to imagine going back to tobacco cigarettes, once you are firmly involved with electronic cigarettes. They do a lot of things for an ex-smoker. For example, the physical act of putting an instrument into your mouth mimics smoking perfectly.

In addition, someone using an electronic cigarette will receive the nicotine they are used to receiving when smoking tobacco cigarettes. This means that the harshness of not having nicotine in their system is completely avoided.

This is why so many people quit smoking successfully when using electronic cigarettes. But the very fact that they are also fun to use, and a great community is built up around them, makes them into an extremely positive product for the future.

No one is going to die from using an electronic cigarette. This is because the only thing that you are taking into your system is nicotine, and non-of the toxins that tobacco cigarettes contain.

Vaping adds to more options for quitting smoking

If you’re actually trying to quit smoking, your options are now wider. Of course, you can try nicotine patches and gums and they will help you with the physical effects of withdrawal. Nicotine withdrawal is not pleasant, and many people who try and go cold turkey give up after a couple of days. Also, as this study suggests, it doesn’t help In the long term. So it is important that you find a solution for your nicotine withdrawal that you actually enjoy.

The number of people who are quitting smoking successfully and also using electronic cigarettes as part of their lifestyle is growing massively day-by-day. Hundreds of thousands of people are finding that electronic cigarettes are a perfect solution for both smoking, and also the need for nicotine.

In fact, it is infinitely more pleasurable to use an electronic cigarette to get your nicotine then a nicotine patch or gum. This is why electronic cigarettes have become such a success recently. They are notclinical, they’re more fun than nicotine patches and gum, and obviously more successful.

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