Prevalent and powerful e-cig myths debunked: part one

Via the wonderful Grimm Green blog we’ve found a comprehensive list of all the myths involved in the electronic cigarette industry. If you were to read all of the myths and think about each one you would probably need to have around a week in which to do so. There’s plenty of stuff here to talk about and discuss, and plenty to get angry about too.

The Remedy For Intentional myths is the truth

Have a good read, because there is much to ponder. However, we thought we’d focus on just a few aspects of this list in this post and in the next post. These aspects are those that get us most riled.

One of the best points in the list centres around the idea that electronic cigarettes keep people addicted to cigarettes. We’ve been railing against this hogwash for months, but it’s nice to see someone else’s point of view. Here’s what E-Juice Connoisseur has to say:

‘There are literally hundreds of thousands (if not more) testimonials from people who have successfully used E-cigs as smoking cessation devices.  This statement in just as ridiculous as saying that nicotine lozenges keep people addicted to cigarettes.’ 

The writer makes the point that the shape of the device and the physical act of using an e-cig are the only components that draw any similarity between the use of the device and a tobacco cigarette. When you think about it, thinking that these devices keep people addicted to tobacco cigarettes is quite possibly the worst kind of ignorance.

Ignorance about e-cigs that is similar to bigotry

If we could delve into it a little bit further, this ignorance is very similar to the kind of ignorance that looks at a gay man and immediately surmises that the man is someone who likes opera. It’s a stereotype, and its ignorance.

This similar kind of ignorance would look at someone using a device that is visually similar to a tobacco cigarette and make immediate assumptions. There is no intelligence at work here.

This kind of thinking is pointless unless there is some kind of investigative work and understanding beforehand. This is why you can’t make blind judgments about homosexual males. It just doesn’t work because you don’t understand the situation. You’re standing on the outside looking in, and looking incredibly stupid at the same time.

So using the word ‘ridiculous’ is not far from the truth. It is ridiculous to make assumptions, because they are simply assumptions. Assumptions are nothing more than expectations based upon rules that are not necessarily applicable in that situation.

For the last word (so far) on this issue, we go to Peter Hajek, director of the Tobacco Dependence Research Unit at the Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry, who states that researchers think e-cigs represent:

“…the best hope so far to put a stop to smoking-related death and disease by replacing deadly cigarettes with a safer alternative”



For the last time, nicotine is not a carcinogen

Then we come to the idea that some people actually believe that nicotine is a carcinogen. Okay, we accept the fact that some people just don’t understand the basic truth about carcinogens, as in what they are and how we discovered them, but to blindly stick to an idea that nicotine, just because it is connected to cigarettes, is a carcinogen is ignorance beyond belief.

Let’s make another analogy. This is similar to saying that a modern-day German citizen is automatically a Nazi. This kind of stuff happens, and it’s not pleasant. But it happens because people are associating one thing with another through blind ignorance.

Going back to the writer of the piece:

‘It’s (nicotine’s) association with tobacco and the many carcinogens contained therein has given rise to the myth that nicotine causes cancer, but nicotine, by itself, actually promotes health.’

Which reminds us. Nicotine does actually have recorded health benefits. This is no joke, and it is not science that you would find in a kid’s magazine. People have actually studied nicotine and come up with the response that, in certain doses and conditions, it can actually promote your good health.

Cool, right?

We will look at this list a little further in the next post, but we just want to say that we are livid that this kind of rubbish continues to present as the sum of all knowledge that certain people have on the issue closest to our hearts. We love e-cigs, and we don’t want to see them bad-mouthed by people who just don’t have the intelligence (or the patience) to go and seek out the truth.

The next step? Keep reading blogs like this. Comment as much as you can (and as intelligently as you can) so that these myths are no longer so strong and prevalent. We have to take our favorite thing (e-cigs) back from the people who are currently trying to bad-mouth it into the underground.

And the ‘underground’ we are most definitely not.

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