FDA finally creates what looks like real e-cig regulation

FDA deeming regulation on e cigarettes announcement

So the FDA has finally relented to incredible pressure and announced the initial stages of electronic cigarette regulation. It’s been a long time coming, but the first blush of responses, especially from the electronic cigarette industry itself, seems positive. It’s generally good news. The first bit of good news that has come out of the announcement is the new and firm stance the FDA is … [Read more...]

Facebook is Evil

facebook and ecigarettes = facebook is evil

Many years ago there was a marketing campaign for Marlboro cigarettes that involved the character called the Marlboro Man. He was an iconic legend, and some would argue that he still is. However, the backlash against tobacco cigarette advertising meant that he went the way of all flesh. There is still a Marlboro range of clothing, but the Marlboro man has now gone. Marketing of cigarettes and … [Read more...]