The End Of Vaping As We Know It?

FDA regulation and big tobacco squash ecig innovation?

In thriving industries and marketplaces, innovation is everything. Even more-soo when the industry in question is fundamentally disruptive; whether the internet, tablet computers or - Electronic Cigarettes. When it comes to E-Cigs, innovation can, and should happen. In a BIG way. The fact that the industry has innovation at its core is not in doubt - products have evolved at breakneck speed … [Read more...]

FDA finally creates what looks like real e-cig regulation

FDA deeming regulation on e cigarettes announcement

So the FDA has finally relented to incredible pressure and announced the initial stages of electronic cigarette regulation. It’s been a long time coming, but the first blush of responses, especially from the electronic cigarette industry itself, seems positive. It’s generally good news. The first bit of good news that has come out of the announcement is the new and firm stance the FDA is … [Read more...]

Can you see cartoon monkeys?

In a rather shocking move, or at least a surprising one, the Attorney Generals from 40 states in the US have written to the FDA to ask for a move towards regulation of electronic cigarettes. This decision is a month away from the FDAs proposed deadline of October 31st, which is when it expects to make clear proposals for regulation. The move is surprising because there are not many more states … [Read more...]