Teens, Tobacco & ECigs – No need for Superman

Teenagers love to rebel, and this means that they will smoke cigarettes. 

Of course, not every teenager wants to smoke a cigarette, but many of them do and this has been the case for decades. In other words, this will not change. However, with the advent of the electronic cigarette many, many voices have been heard regarding the use of electronic cigarettes among the young. 

Back in the old days, when Superman was a regular iconic figure in the fight against cigarettes, there was a character in the posters that were used to convince children smoking was good. This character was named Nick-O-Teen, and he was always hanging around children convincing them that having a cigarette would be a good idea. 

Superman would then quickly arrive on the scene and generally beat Nic-O-Teen to a pulp, or at least the cigarettes, and tell children cigarettes were bad. This was all well and good and it was a very powerful campaign. Superman was the epitome of good health and strong physique, and this was a good example for children to follow.

The problem is that there are some campaigners around today who genuinely believe that electronic cigarettes are somehow evil, in the Nic-O-Teen mould of evil. 

This is nonsense, and Superman doesn’t even need to get involved with this one. A recent study by CDC shows, apparently, that electronic cigarettes have problems attached to them with the youth of today. The study shows that the electronic cigarette use amongst minors has doubled, and this makes the CDC upset. Now, before we go on with this article, let us say that we do not in any way condone children using electronic cigarettes. There is no need for them to use electronic cigarettes at all, and it is therefore a bad thing.

Are E-Cigarettes Really Training Wheels For Tobacco?

What does bother us is that the CDC seems to somehow think that electronic cigarettes are a way for children to get into tobacco cigarettes. They are not alone in this, and there are many people out there right now who believe that electronic cigarettes are almost a training aid for tobacco cigarettes. 

In the CDC report there are no facts involved. Words like ‘suggestion’, and ‘strongly suggest’ are the only words and phrases used to put any kind of argument forward that children are at risk from electronic cigarettes. What is even more worrying is that the study states that three quarters of the children surveyed also smoke tobacco cigarettes. And then it is left open ended, with no investigation as to which was used first, tobacco cigarettes or electronic cigarettes.

If you ask any child right now whether or not they would like to use an electronic cigarette, and if that child has not used cigarettes before, you will find that the child will refuse. Why? The answer is simple, electronic cigarettes are not very attractive. Tobacco cigarettes are attracted due to peer pressure. So while teenagers and young people in general are rebels, they’re not going to use electronic cigarettes on purpose. 

Superman can rest easy, electronic cigarettes are not evil enough for rebelling teens.

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