The Top Myths About E-Cigarettes

As science changes we learn more and more about health and healthy living. As a result, society has evolved into a mechanism that, depending on your perspective, has become extremely intrusive into the matter of individual choices. All it takes is for the media to jump on the bandwagon of some perceived study and people will begin to clamor for legislation to ban the offending substance. This is largely what has happened with smoking.


Smoking is certainly not a healthy endeavor but neither is it as harmful as the reactions of many in the public would lead you to believe. All anyone has to do is take out a cigarette and immediately the anti-smoking zealots will begin coughing and hacking at the mere sight of the product, never mind the reaction when a smoker actually lights the cigarette.


It would seem then that e-cigarettes would be the perfect solution. They emit no smoke, they are completely odorless and they enable smokers to deliver nicotine into their system efficiently. Unfortunately this solution isn’t perfect because the self same anti-smoking zealots have the same reaction to an e-cigarette as they do to a regular cigarette. In addition to their reaction, they have also come up with some rather strange ideas about e-cigarettes that are completely false.


Myth #1: E-cigarettes still cause cancer because of the nicotine

Nicotine is not a known carcinogen. In other words, Nicotine does not cause cancer. Nicotine is a substance that is altered by how the user imbibes. If the smoker takes it in via frequent quick bursts it provides stimulation. It provides a calming effect with taken in via long and slow breaths. Neither method causes cancer in and of itself and when using e-cigarettes there is no danger of cancer because the carcinogenic agents, tobacco fertilizer and paper, are not consumed. By all medical accounts, e-cigarettes are safer.


Myth#2: E-cigarettes emit smoke that is proven to cause cancer via second-hand smoke studies

There has never actually been a second-hand smoke study done on e-cigarettes. The reason for this is because they don’t emit smoke; they emit water vapor. Water vapor has never been shown to cause cancer in any form.


Myth#3: E-cigarettes are bad for the environment

This one is one of the stupidest myths. There are two types of e-cigarettes: disposable and refillable. Depending on how much a disposable e-cigarette is used it can be the equivalent to two packs of cigarettes. That’s far better for the environment both in terms of manufacturing as well as end disposable. As for those that are refillable, they can last years. There is no question that e-cigarettes are not harmful to the environment.


Myth#4: E-cigarettes are dangerous because they can explode

Like cell phones and iPads (and most of our modern gizmos) run on rechargeable li-on battery cells. There has been a single instance reported of a non-typical type of e-cig (known as a ‘mod’) exploding. These are NOT the type of e-cigarettes most people are familiar with at all – if its not comparable to a flashlight as a rule of thumb it doesn’t pose this (still minute) risk.

‘MINI’ E-Cigarettes – the type 95% off the market consists of (V2 Cigs, SmokeStik, NJOY, Green Smoke etc are all MINIs). The battery powering any such ecigarette simply packs too small a charge to pose such risks. There is not a single verified case of a mini e-cigarette exploding nor is it an issue to be concerned about.


Myth #5: E-cigarettes are no different than cigarettes in terms of health and safety

This one is wrong in so many ways. Cigarettes are created in an entirely different manner; they contain entirely different materials and are used in an entirely different way, than e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes are rarely smoked in the same manner as a cigarette simply because they are more efficient at bringing the required nicotine level to the user. What might have taken an entire cigarette to achieve may be met within 3-4 inhales from an e-cigarette. There is nothing burned, no smoke given off and no intrusion into the clean air of other people.


E-cigarettes are the safest and most efficient way to deliver nicotine into the system of a person wishing to indulge. This doesn’t change the simple fact that anti-smoking zealots want to rule the lives of others and continue to perpetuate the myths that e-smoking is no different than smoking.

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