How not to be a useless, blithering vaping idiot

The way things are going for vapers right now, we could all use a helping hand. From not knowing how best to use your electronic cigarette in a public place and with proper decorum, to thinking about how best to get your point across on a forum online without looking like a troll, things can be tricky.

We’ve taken a look at some of the concerns that electronic cigarette vapers may have regarding their behaviour and general approach to life, the universe and everything. In other words, we put together a short guide on how to be an excellent vaper and not a useless, blithering, vaping idiot.

Don’t rain on any other vaper’s parade. It ain’t cool

The first thing we want to talk about is brands and styles. Electronic cigarettes are now incredibly advanced and developed as products, and the juices that are available are running into the hundreds if not thousands. So this means that you’re going to meet a fellow vaper at some point who may have an electronic cigarette and/or juice that just doesn’t do anything for you.

It may seem so uncool in fact that it potentially bothers you a little. Stop right there, vaping is meant to be fun and it is a personal choice when it comes to the instruments you utilise. If you find someone who is using a different e-cig or flavour that you just can’t stand, don’t rain on their parade. Be cool to other vapers, because we’re all in this together.

In a vaping argument? Just the facts, Ma’am

If you find yourself in an argument with someone who is against electronic cigarettes, or Tom Frieden, just remember that you have a bunch of facts that can help you convey the value and the brilliance of your particular lifestyle. Facts are what the haters don’t expect. Feel free to print off the webpages that show research about electronic cigarettes and their benefits, so you can show the haters just how wrong they really are. Remember to be cool in any argument or heated discussion on the topic, because that’s the image we want to present.


Public vaping. Just be polite and it should work out

Now we get to vaping in public. It is true that you have to you check the laws in the local area that you live, and if you go on holiday abroad, expect some headaches when it comes to knowing where you can vape. It gets pretty tricky.

This gets even trickier if you don’t take the time to investigate. Always ask if you’re in an unfamiliar place and you want to use your electronic cigarette. People respond to politeness, and they can only ever say ‘no’. Be polite, and this goes a long way towards making your experience much more comfortable than it would if you just whipped one out and ‘lit up’.

Forums are perfect places for vaper haters

If you are on a forum and you see anyone against electronic cigarettes bringing up propaganda that is sketchy when it comes to facts and vitriolic when it comes to tone, do not leave them be. Drag out your facts and respond to their comments in a calm and responsible manner. The one thing we can’t have at the moment is a massive wave of antielectronic cigarette propaganda that is left to go unchallenged.

You need to ensure that your approach on a forum, for example, is calm and methodical. Bring out those facts and use them as your only weapon. A lot of these propaganda types on forums are generally up for a scrap, and some of them are even backed by outside interests that are trying to ensure that electronic cigarettes as an industry is squashed as soon as possible. That’s not conspiracy theory talk by the way. It just makes perfect sense.

Inform people. Vaping is not smoking


Finally, don’t let anyone ever call you a smoker. That’s the one thing that is ruining electronic cigarettes at the moment. The wider public, who are uninformed, need to differentiate between what you do and what smokers do. Vaping is nothing to do with smoking, and the quicker the world realises that, the quicker electronic cigarettes will be accepted as useful devices that help people to move towards smoking cessation.

We can’t emphasise that enough. Unless people stop calling vapers smokers the battle will never be won. So if you hear anyone call you a smoker, or refer to vapers as smokers, use the facts and set them right immediately.

We hope you enjoy this quick guide on how not to be a useless, blathering vaping idiot, and we hope it will help you become an informed, responsible vaper who is able to protect your lifestyle and the lifestyles of others.

Remember, we are all in this together, and we are not going away.

How not to be a useless, blithering vaping idiot

blithering vaping idiot

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