Vapor From E Cigs Contain Carcinogens?

Carcinogens have been detected in the vapor of electronic cigarettes, or so they say. This is because the journal of Nicotine and Tobacco Research did a study that says they found traces of formaldehyde in the vapor they tested. They don’t go into much more detail in the articles I’ve read, so I have a hard time believing this is the case with most electronic cigarette products.

What worries me about this study is that if you go on news sites and search for electronic cigarette stories from May 4th, 2014 which is the day I’m writing this, it’s all they’re talking about. I think it’s just orchestrated by people to try and make vaping look harmful so that the FDA can have their way when it comes time for them to start regulating things.

If you’re worried about the future of vaping, you should know that you’re not alone. It’s going to be tough for smaller businesses to stick around if they have to go through all the paperwork and hoops that the FDA will set up for them to work on making their business legal to run under their control.

What Can I Do To Take Action?

Educate yourselves on what the FDA regulation will entail. Figure out how you can contact the FDA to speak your opinion. They will be allowing the public to chime in until July 9, 2014. is where you can go to learn about this.

Even if nobody can stop this from happening, you can be sure that e cig makers are going to fight back. Make sure that you buy up all the electronic cigarette merchandise you can before their rules go into effect. Anything you can do to educate people about the lies that are going around should be done.

This won’t be easy, and there will be more we can do. The key now is to just not follow any of the misinformation that’s being spread. There will be troubles ahead because generally people are going to believe the lies that are being told. The companies that make stop smoking medications and tobacco companies are going to be paying off people to do all of these studies.

Don’t Believe Anything Until You Study It Yourself

All of these lies about how electronic cigarettes are being made for kids or how there are traces of chemicals that are in cigarette smoke are just being told to people without any real backup. If you hear something about electronic cigarettes that seems to be “out there” then you may want to do your own research. Online you can find out all kinds of things about electronic cigarettes. You probably will be able to come across more trustworthy sources than random news stories.

People are scared of electronic cigarettes because of the variety of bad news coming out about them. It’s no surprise this is in line with the FDA crackdown. Of course everyone behind this will be working hard to start making e cigs look as bad as possible. This isn’t good, and hopefully something can be done to work on stopping this.

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